What Are Big Data Technology And Its Advantages?

A software tool to analyse, process and interpret all the huge amount of unstructured and structured data which couldn’t normally be processed traditionally or manually is known as Big Data Technology. This helps in formulating accurate forecasts and predictions about the near future so that possible risks can be avoided. It also provides insights into how people interact with each other through social networks and makes it possible to understand the various patterns that might emerge. Thus, a considerable amount of time and resources can be saved without compromising operational effectiveness.

what is big data technology

The need for data integration has led to the rise of many companies offering solutions to help companies extract value from big data. However, the success stories of each company running these programmes depends on how expert they are in the different facets of big data technologies. Experts have to tailor their skills, expertise and experience based on the specific requirements of a company. Below are some of the common challenges in big data technologies that face organisations today:

Storage of data: Today’s advanced and smart phones have built-in storage of information as well as videos, images and photos. However, traditional databases such as those used in retail stores and government departments are still used for storing large amounts of data generated in day to day operations. Experts in big data technology have proposed solutions for improving the storage methods and increasing efficiency of data generated by social media, mobile apps and online services.

Data migration: Big Data technologies have made it easy for data to be interchanged and shared between different applications. For example, small business owners may access and manage their businesses from mobile devices thanks to new smartphones and mobile apps which have built-in big data technologies. This allows data to be collected and managed efficiently, no matter where it is located. Experts suggest that businesses which have not yet adopted mobile technologies for managing and collecting customer and employee information are losing out on a lot of potential revenue, potential leads and sales. As more organizations continue to move towards mobile apps and social media, data analysis and management will become even easier.

Unstructured feeds: Experts suggest that companies should not adopt unstructured feeds for the simple reason they do not provide insightful insights or useful content. Unstructured feeds tend to give users limited choices in terms of what to read or receive. Unstructured feeds also consume a lot of memory bandwidth and memory, thereby decreasing the efficiency of mobile apps which in turn affect a company’s bottom line. However, there are ways to make the most out of unstructured big data technologies.

Automation of big data technologies: Experts suggest that companies should adopt automated systems for big data technologies to eliminate human errors in processing big data sets. Currently, some big companies have developed their own internally-developed decision-making technologies that are now being deployed. These technologies help users access unstructured feeds, analyze data sets and make intelligent suggestions to the users. However, experts note that robots are not good enough and are more ideal for these kinds of technologies because robots can work as they are designed, which means users are in complete control of what is done with their data sets. Another advantage of robots is that they reduce human error due to unfamiliar settings or data sets.

Leverage streaming technologies: Experts advise business owners to leverage streaming technologies to get better insights on what users are saying about their products. Streaming big data technologies typically make use of large databases to access large amounts of data at once. This allows experts to detect trends more quickly, which allows them to offer quick solutions to customers. Aside from providing insights on what users are saying, streaming big data technologies also help business owners take advantage of streaming real-time data sources, which give them immediate access to business activity in the market. This kind of insight is not possible if a company does not have access to real-time streaming data sources.

Work smarter, not harder: Experts recommend business owners to develop strategies that make use of streaming technologies along with traditional data analysis methods. These strategies will enable businesses to work smarter, not harder. For instance, rather than spending weeks analyzing the data from a single social media monitoring platform, a business can make use of different types of social media monitoring platforms. Experts say it would be more productive for such organizations to take advantage of various kinds of data sets available in various online platforms. In turn, these businesses can then make smart marketing decisions using the data available.