The Truth About Which Of The Following Statements About Big Data Is True

which of the following statements about big data is true

The Truth About Which Of The Following Statements About Big Data Is True

The following statements about big data might be true or they might not be true, based on how you interpret them. If you are a beginner in the business, you probably do not have enough information yet to make sound decisions. However, experts claim that the key to success in business is to use the tools and techniques which are available in big data analytics. The statements below are partly true, partly false.

“Big data has already won.” This statement is partly true. Yes, big data has won in the past but its real value today is unseen. Today’s companies are able to get more value from collected data, which is processed and used as the basis of making informed decisions. However, what wins in the past may lose in the future.

“Big data cannot be measured.” This statement is partly true. Yes, it is true that some types of data cannot be measured because it does not directly contribute to decision-making (such as market data, consumer data, etc. ).

“No one watches satellite photos.” This is partly true. Since satellites send their data through space, they are not seen. However, people do watch them and there is a good chance that the photos were taken by big data sensors. Therefore, it is possible that someone has watched satellite photos.

“I cannot see my data in my logbook.” Not all people who use big data analysis software can actually see their data logs because most software packages cannot write data to a file. Similarly, some people cannot even see their own data logs in their computer – at least not in full detail.

“My data shows trends, but it is too raw to make sense of.” People have used the raw truth about big data to make all kinds of incorrect claims over the years. In fact, it is quite difficult to predict with any accuracy what those raw data might show because it is not usually studied very well.

“I cannot get a good price for my data from my broker.” Again, this is only half true. Some brokers do offer special pricing for big data, but many more do not. Additionally, many of those that do not will still give you a free demo, so you can test out your skills without paying a dime. As a result, it is entirely possible to receive a really good price for your data even if your broker does not offer a special deal. Again, if your broker is not one of the few that offers such a service, it is probably worthwhile to work with someone else.

“It is time for me to move on to bigger and better things when it comes to my data sets.” If you are the type of person who likes to think in advance, this is not really true. Big data and advanced analytics software are not going anywhere. However, those who are only comfortable using basic software may find it is not the best option for them right now. Those who are comfortable working in small groups are able to benefit the most from big data’s usefulness.

“The old fashioned way of collecting data has worked just fine for me thus far. However, it is time for a change and I am ready for big data because I will get better results this way.” Again, you should be wary of those who suggest that changing the way you collect and process information is something that may be harmful to you. As such, only those who intend to go on to bigger and better things should make this statement.

“The new technologies that allow for fast and accurate Big Data analytics have already saved my company lots of money. Besides, there is a lot of new information I can get with each passing day. Plus, I am getting better results. There is no way that I can afford not to use big data in my business.” Again, only those who are convinced that the benefits of big data far outweigh any fears they may have about the current state of the current data that is available to them should make this statement.

These are only some of the many examples out there where people try to convince you that “big data” or “big data analytics” or even “big data technologies” are not what they claim to be. Before you make statements like this, it would be useful for you to actually sit down and think about what you are really trying to say. If you cannot find any logic in your statement, chances are that it is not actually the case. After all, many people are still confused about the difference between “big data” and “big data technology.”