Which Of The Following Is Not A Primary Key?

Which of the following best defines big data? Today, one of the major challenges companies face is how to better manage the large amounts of data being produced by their business operations. To understand what this means and what solutions are available, it helps to step back and examine what truly constitutes “big data” in the context of a business’s data requirements.

which of the following best defines big data

Big Data in the context of a database approach refers to the fact that businesses today need to be able to process increasing amounts of data in order to make informed decisions. In essence, a business’ information systems must be capable of quickly and efficiently storing, sorting, and then crunched in order to create a simple, logical snapshot of the data that exists in the business. While all of this sounds fairly complex, answering the question “which of the following is not a database approach” is relatively straightforward. If a company needs to store, sort, and analyze large volumes of data quickly and efficiently, then a database approach is what will be necessary.

Which of the following best describes a database approach? The relational database is the least expensive, but it also offers the weakest security options. Most solutions offered by a traditional database firm include a variety of transaction management capabilities, including locking and copy/move. With a relational system, users can access the information contained in the database and run queries against it at any point in time. However, in terms of security, users are required to provide login information and an appropriate password in order to gain access to the full potential of the system.

Which of the following is not a database approach? The social network data type represents the next-generation data model. It is increasingly common for businesses to store customer, employee, and application lifecycle data within the same network. In fact, some social networks actually provide direct connections between these different types of data. Because of this feature, the network that contains the social network stores each person’s information in a data store, just as a traditional database would store the records for a company.

Which of the following is not a data type at all? The information model is designed to provide the developers with a way to manage and analyze the large amount of data currently available. However, developers have only recently been able to construct software that can work with such a large data type. The main problem is that complex business applications usually involve several interacting systems and applications.

Which of the following best describes a user interface? The interface data model represents a user interface for a system, just as the database data model does. However, a user interface software program has the ability to represent virtually any application or device. Users can define which devices they want to be able to interact with. In addition, the program allows users to specify how they want to interact with it by defining the key actions that they take.

Which of the following best describes a business application? A business application is an application that interacts with real or semi-real world business situations. It might deal with financial transactions or manufacturing plant control systems. It may be used to monitor inventory levels or to track delivery times.

Which of the following is not a primary key? The primary key data model is a single primary key that represents a single record or value. It is typically stored on a computer, but can be stored on a removable disk or memory card. This data field is used by users when they want to have access to the value at a later time, but is otherwise useless. Users cannot change it or alter its contents. When a user accesses the stored value, it is the result of a mathematical algorithm.