Search Engine Optimization – Which Of The Following Would You Implement To Collect And Analyze Your Company’s Big Data?

which of the following would you implement to collect and analyze your companys big data

Search Engine Optimization – Which Of The Following Would You Implement To Collect And Analyze Your Company’s Big Data?

Which format would you use for your web site? Video ads or rich media advertising? Rich media is comprised of high-resolution photographs, illustrations, graphs and videos. Web sites that feature rich media content require more site visitors in order to generate an income. Video ads allow viewers to view your video advertisement on a web page while users can also view your advertisement on their mobile phone, tablet computer or other portable device through a video player. Both video ads and rich media content require more site visitors in order to be an effective form of online marketing.

Which format would you implement for your web site? Banner ads, which include image and animation advertisements placed at the top and bottom of a webpage, can effectively bring in more site traffic by using text-based copywriting techniques. Banner ads are generally considered to be the most effective form of online advertising. With banner ads, you can be sure that the viewer will at least glance over the banner ad before going to your website. Online marketing through banner ads requires fewer site visitors because these viewers are more likely to be interested in your product. This is because when an individual clicks on an advertisement, the banner takes him or her to another site where he or she can find the product being advertised.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to using video ads and rich media content for your website? Well, video ads tend to be more engaging and interesting than content-less images and graphs. Therefore, the number of site visitors that you can attract from banner ads is definitely higher than from image ads or rich media content. However, this does not necessarily mean that you would be able to retain more of those site visitors if you use these types of ads.

Would it be better to conduct surveys on your products or services via social media networks? It seems like social media has a lot of advantages. It is easier to collect respondents for your research study because it would be easier for them to interact with other people via various social media platforms. Social networks also make it easier for you to observe trends in your target market because they offer various types of search engine advertising options. So, it is clear that social networks offer a better platform for conducting market research.

But what about the costs involved in conducting market researches via social networks? It is true that conducting market research via social media is cheaper than traditional advertising ways like television, radio and print advertisements. But then again, it can be more expensive when conducting marketing research via traditional means. Why is this so? It is because you need the manpower, resources and a lot of time. You need to spend a lot of money in buying television ads, radio ads, and print ads.

If you are just starting up in the online advertising industry, it is obvious that you do not have thousands of dollars to spend. In most cases, your budget will just not allow you to buy massive television spots or to buy massive magazine ads. And if you are running a small business, it is totally impossible for you to invest your whole budget in advertising. What you can do instead is to choose among the wide variety of affordable online advertising options like search engine advertising, online advertising via social media networks and search engine redirecting.

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Now that we have looked at what the search engine advertising industry can offer webmasters, we also need to look at why social media networks can help you achieve more with less spending. First of all, social networks are very accessible and very easy to use by just about everyone. All you need to do is create a personal account and start networking. You don’t even need a product to sell. Just make sure you’re using appropriate words and phrases when promoting your products or services and you’re good to go. And best of all, you can optimize each social network page with highly effective techniques that can-spam prohibits only once.