Which of the Following Characteristics About Big Data Is Not True?

In my previous article titled “What Is The Big Data Phenomenon?” I gave some examples to illustrate how rapidly and far-reaching the phenomenon of big data has become. In this article, I will give you a quick preview of the types of questions that are typically asked by customers and business executives. Because this topic is so important, and because it covers so many areas, I want to make sure I have covered all of them in this one article. If there are other areas that you want to learn more about, please feel free to read on.

which of the following characteristics about big data is not true

The first question that many people ask is: “Is big data compatible with financial risk management?” In short, the answer to this question is: Of course it is. Financial risk management is very important and should be considered a core component of any large and complex organization. Big data is certainly going to improve the way that your company handles its information technology investments.

The second question that most people ask about big data is: “Is there a data security risk?” In short, without proper data security, data is just as dangerous as a nuclear weapon. With the increase in data security threats over the last few years, it has become even more important for companies to implement appropriate solutions to keep their data secure. No matter what type of solutions your company implements, data security is an absolute must.

Finally, the third question that most people ask about data is: “How does Big Data help my company?” Data is indeed increasing in size at an exponential rate. In fact, there is no end in sight. As more companies realize the incredible potential of data, the demand for skilled IT personnel who specialize in Big Data security will increase dramatically over the next few years.

Data security is the fourth Big Data characteristic which is not true. Because Big Data is increasing in size, it is increasing in value. This makes Big Data more valuable than ever. Value comes from multiple angles. When big data is used for competitive advantage, it can increase company profits. By securing data before it is used, it can also reduce the company’s financial risk.

Perhaps the fifth Big Data characteristic which is not true is: “The cost of data security will keep going up.” This is actually an example of a self-fulfilling prediction. As the cost of securing data continues to rise, more companies will be forced to adopt greater levels of data security. Of course, as this occurs, the cost of securing data will decrease. It should also be noted that as data security costs continue to go down, more companies will have the resources they need to properly secure their data.

Finally, the sixth Big Data characteristic which is not true is “That which cannot be measured will become measurable.” In most cases, when data cannot be measured it cannot be trusted. As a result, security threats will continue to increase. By incorporating Big Data and using advanced technologies like predictive dialer software which can automatically identify security threats, companies can greatly reduce their vulnerability to security threats and vulnerabilities.

All six Big Data characteristics described above are either false or irrelevant. However, as technology evolves and more information is made available, we will undoubtedly see more answers to the age old question, which of the following characteristics about big data is not true? Once you ask the question, “What is Big Data? “, you will be ready to take action and protect your company against unnecessary threats and vulnerabilities. And the sooner you start, the better prepared you’ll be.