Why Is Documents So Big?

The question “Why is documents and data so big?” is asked of many people who work with large amounts of data in their computer systems. In today’s day and age, files and documents are the norm. In fact, it seems as if we are more aware than ever before of how our lives and careers can affect the files and documents that we keep on our computers.

why is documents and data so big

Think about the person who wants to travel across the country. They bring along all of their paperwork with them in a laptop. While on the airplane, the laptop has all of their information stored just in case they get lost or they need access to certain information during the trip. Even though the laptop has the ability to hold all of this, the computer is actually slowing down the entire process.

At the same time, the person has all of these files and documents in the original, unaltered state. Why is documents and data so big? It is because of all of the times that the person has pulled a file from their computer in order to present it to a client, colleague, or a boss. This means that they have saved over 1.9 Terabytes worth of information.

If you have ever wondered why is documents and data so big, then you should understand what all of the information that you store on your computer is doing. You see, all of this information is saving you valuable time. Every minute that you delay storing documents or data on your computer is a minute that could have been used to make something better. If you had kept everything on the computer the old-fashioned way, you might be working double time at double the price.

Why is data such a big deal? Think about it for a moment. Think about all of the information that is on your smart phone or PDA. Those devices contain massive amounts of information! It is much more difficult for a hacker to break into one of those devices, because the device is encrypted and protected by multiple layers of protection.

Why are documents so big? Because it takes many man hours to create a single document. A hacker with enough time on his hands could theoretically create hundreds of documents in a matter of hours. The amount of time that it would take him to backup all of this data would be in the millions of seconds. Even if he got away with it, he still would be in a lot of trouble because it would take all of that time to get to his computer and then copy all of the documents over.

You might be saying, “but I am not a hacker”. Even if you are not a hacker, you should realize that the documents are not safe until they are safely stored onto your computer. There is no reason why a company should trust you with their data. They are trusting you to protect their data. You should be able to defend yourself as well.

Why are documents so big? That is because the information is there. Even if you throw away a document that has someone’s name on it, there is still a good chance that someone will find it. Even if they do not find what you are trying to hide, they still have all of the other data that they can use to hurt you. All that data is sitting there waiting for you to look at it. Is that something that you want to happen?