What Are Big Data Concept And How Can It Help You In Business?

The big data concept is catching up with the rest of the technological industries. Big data analytics refers to the combination of hardware, software and human data for analytics. It refers to the ability to collect and analyze data sets, irrespective of their size. By making use of cloud computing, the big data analytics can be easily processed.

what is big data concept

A major advantage of using big data tools is that it reduces the time taken to process data sets. It also helps in increasing the speed of decision-making. Apart from that, big data tools helps in improving decision logic, accuracy. Through this technique, companies are able to extract more details about customers, which would have otherwise taken days and even months to process if handled manually. This helps in reducing business cycle times and improving profit margins.

Businesses that adopt the big data concept treat ways of business very systematically. They adopt ways of analyzing data sets to extract information which they need to solve business issues. The big data tools then help them in storing and accessing such information in a structured and logical manner. In the traditional case, data sets are stored in files. They cannot be accessed systematically and effectively unless one knows exactly what is in each file.

The data used by social media websites such as Facebook is unstructured and therefore very hard to store effectively. But through the new big data concept, companies are now able to make their databases efficient enough to store and access the data in a very systematic way. The unstructured data is made highly usable by the social media websites through machine learning techniques. Ranges of data such as age, gender, interests, locations, and many other parameters are used for training purposes on these websites.

Companies that adopt big data concept are able to make their systems highly usable for marketing and sales purposes. It helps them to provide personalized services to their customers. For example, a company which is dealing in selling medical equipment may use the big data concept to predict how an individual would use a particular machine such as a blood pressure monitor or a glucose meter after using medical devices.

Using big data concepts effectively enables companies to deal with their clients in a much more efficient way. It also allows them to access large amounts of information with greater accuracy. This accuracy makes it possible for such companies to create personalized service to their clients so that they can deal with them in a much better way.

The other major advantage through the use of big data tools is scalability. It enables one to scale up their big data processing application when required. Scalability means increasing the capacity of the file system as and when needed. There are four types of file systems namely UNIX, Windows, SysV and Linux. Among these, Unix and Linux are the two most popular and the others are less popular but work very well on the same platform.

Besides having several advantages over the traditional database system, it is also very fast, cost effective and has very low maintenance cost. In fact, big data tools are available free of cost. Through this, companies can be very cost-effective in running their business and can afford to increase their servers’ resources. In case of a UNIX file system, maintenance cost is the largest cost and with this the decision to use big data tools can be very prudent. If you are still not sure of what is big data concept, then try a demo run and get a feel of how powerful it can be.