Which of the Following Statements About Big Data Is True?

I’ve often been asked by colleagues and peers as to which of the following statements about big data are true. The responses I get are varied, from “It’s inevitable” to “It will change everything.” The fact is that many of these statements are a bit of both true and false. However, it’s also true that big data will impact all industries and business models, but certain factors will impact it differently than others.

which of the following statements about big data is true

For example, many people believe that it is simply not feasible for organizations to store all of the data that would be required for a human employee’s disposal. In fact, storing such data might just be too impractical. Big data does allow for large-scale organization and storage of such information, but it is not realistic to think that all of it can be stored on an individual computer or tablet. Therefore, a person’s work may never be entirely “out of the desk,” even though it will most likely be stored on a laptop or other device.

However, the reality is that many employees today do spend a great deal of time away from their desktops. At some point, all of this information must be managed and gathered into a format that can be accessed from any device. Therefore, I would argue that a lot of the prior assumptions regarding the inevitability of big data are simply a way of stating the fact that it will change how businesses are managed in the future. In other words, the information will continue to change, but only on a much smaller scale.

Another commonly held belief is that all of the current telecommunications infrastructure can support the massive amounts of data being generated every day. In fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult for telecom engineers to deal with the overload of data coming into their devices. They must stay ahead of their counterparts at all times in order to ensure all calls are being kept to a reasonable level. In the future, however, all of this data will be stored on a much smaller scale, so the telecommunications engineers won’t be responsible for keeping up with it. In short, we may not need to worry about the future of telecom engineering anytime soon.

However, I would like to point out something very important that often gets overlooked when people are discussing the topic of which of the following statements about big data is true. That is, in order for the system to be robust and effective, it needs to operate at optimal speed. If data is being produced at a rate which infringes on network speeds, then the entire business will grind to a halt. Therefore, it’s essential for anyone who is using big data to understand how it works, so that they can be sure it is operating at optimal levels all the time.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, imagine if you’re trying to download some information from the Internet at a very high speed. The download will take quite a long time, and as a result, the overall computer speed will be negatively affected. Likewise, if the network is suffering from a power outage, then it’s likely that the big data installation will not function properly, and it’s also a good bet the data will become corrupt.

Now, many people will attempt to answer the question of which of the following statements about big data is true by asserting that the speed of the Internet is increasing. While it’s possible that the speed of the Internet will continue to raise, this is certainly not the case for the majority of users right now. Additionally, it should be noted that there are still many rural areas that have little access to high-speed Internet connections. So, although the speed of the Internet may indeed continue to rise, it will probably remain at a lower rate than what is being experienced in major cities at this time.

In conclusion, the best way to answer the question of which of the following statements about big data is true is to ask those who use it directly. Those who are currently experiencing significant problems obtaining or maintaining big data analytics software will likely be the most accurate when answering this question. Similarly, those whose businesses are struggling to obtain access to this new analytics software will provide the best insight into which of the following statements about big data is true. If you are interested in acquiring the software for your own use or for reselling purposes, however, you may want to consult with those whose experiences with the software are more positive.