How Does Amazon Use Big Data to Get the Best eCommerce Solutions Possible?

how does amazon use big data

How Does Amazon Use Big Data to Get the Best eCommerce Solutions Possible?

Amazon Web Services offers many different solutions that can help your business in many ways. The reliability of companies on big data is getting higher by the day. Businesses today fully depend on big data, from the very moment it’s created, right up to the point it delivers useful insight into real-time internet users. Hence, storing, gathering, processing, analyzing, and then comparing data over a short period of time has become absolutely necessary in order for an organization to remain ahead of its competitors. Today, almost all types of industries are opting for big data as a means of staying on top of their competition. Below is an example of how Amazon use big data to make business more efficient:

* Customer Relationship Management: As one of the fastest growing segments in eCommerce, CRM is ideal for streamlining the entire customer relationship management functions. It integrates with all the other data related to an organization to provide support for end-to-end customer interaction. RMA is able to capture, analyze, and then improve the whole customer experience. One example of how does Amazon use big data to benefit its customers is through its mobile application. Amazon’s mobile application allows customers to log on anywhere and do business, thanks to the Amazon Cloud. With this application, an organization gets better insights on how does Amazon use big data to make business more effective.

* Ecommerce Solution: In every organization, there is always a need for a good ecommerce platform. Amazon Web Services’ ecommerce platform is among the best available and used by companies all over the world. Its easy accessibility and low cost allow anyone to create an online store of their own. From here, they can promote products of their own and attract potential buyers and sellers. With all the functions of the ecommerce platform in place, it’s much easier to handle payments, manage customer information, and track sales – all from the convenience of your own desk.

* Supply Chain Management: In every industry, efficient supply chain is a must. Through advanced computer modeling and optimization tools, how does Amazon use big data to optimize its supply chain? As part of its business initiative, Amazon has been running a series of experiments using its data to improve supply chain operations and cut costs. One of the tools it uses is KGS, or Key performance indicator for improvement.

* Product Analysis: When handling product analysis, especially in the case of eCommerce, big data helps a lot. For retailers, it offers them a wider scope of data and allows them to make more informed decisions on which products to sell and at what price. Amazon also leverages its Big Data resources to improve its manufacturing processes and product quality standards.

* Marketing Research: Marketing is one of the most important aspects of eCommerce. This is because customers are still the driving force behind eCommerce. How does Amazon use big data to facilitate this aspect of eBusiness? It conducts market research online and offline. This allows it to offer better products to its customers. Additionally, KGS helps it to analyze customer data and provide suggestions for new products, enhanced services, and even improved pricing options.

* Ecommerce Software Solutions: As an eCommerce company, how does Amazon use big data to get the best ecommerce solutions possible? This is because it already has so many software in place. In fact, the technology stack it uses for e commerce is quite extensive. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Simple Store Management (sts) and Client Side Development (csd) – these are all complex programs and require a lot of programming knowledge. KGS, however, is quite straight forward as it just stores and tracks customer information. Its web-based interface makes it easy for clients to create new products or manage their shopping lists.

* Data Mining: KGS is not the only application that Amazon uses for big data; they also have Amazon’s own waterbed initiative. Waterbed is a brand new product that allows users to be hydrated by water rather than just drinking it. How do Amazon research and collect data on such a novel product? By using KGS, of course!