What is Big Data Technology?

what is big data technology

What is Big Data Technology?

A new software tool to analyse, process and interpret all the huge amount of unstructured and structured data which cannot be processed manually or traditionally, is known as Big Data Technology. This term was first coined by Kip Hawley in 1995. It describes a methodology for collecting and organizing large sets of data, irrespective of the size and the shape it may be in.

Data is the structural information usually stored in databases which are then used to support the activities of specific business units. It is considered as one of the most important aspects of modern day businesses and forms the core of business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM). Data has now become an integral part of decision making technologies used by most businesses today.

There are two broad domains in which data technology is used today. One of them is BPM or business process management, which is related to the design, development, implementation and operation of business applications. The other domain is deep learning technologies, which is a set of technologies for designing highly trained machines that can deliver reliable results with less human supervision. These tools have many applications in different domains such as internet training, manufacturing, healthcare etc. These tools can also be used to extract actionable intelligence from large amounts of raw data.

Data mining is one of the main areas in which big data technology is mostly used. It involves the extraction of large sets of data from large databases and using this information to make analytical big data technologies. Data mining techniques are mostly used for commercial and strategic business applications. It is mostly used in the areas such as supply chain management, marketing, customer relationship management and social media management.

This technology helps in obtaining relevant information in very short time. This kind of technology is mainly used by companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Bing. Companies like Yelp, ArteWork, Cloudera and Salesforce use this technology to make their services better by providing information on local businesses, restaurants, shops, etc. Presto recently released an open source project called “Apostle” which is used for speeding up sites on the web, by providing them with pre-designed templates and SEO rich snippets. The software can be easily installed and used for creating beautiful websites, by using Presto’s own web-builder called “Presto Website Builder”.

Some of the big data technologies used by companies such as Google include Google Analytics, Google Finance, Google Realtime and Google Latency. By the time you are reading this article, the Internet Explorer has just started implementing Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, which is mostly used for enterprise search. Google is still lagging behind and is still working on its own browser project called “IE-Next”. Microsoft has recently announced that they have started working on a proprietary project named “Project Spour”, which will finally allow Internet Explorer to integrate social media networking into its features.

Google currently holds the majority share of the browser market. This technology works on the premise of the network flows in large companies such as Google and Facebook – which is called the Google Spring Security Flow. The current stable version of Windows, on the other hand, already supports Google’s social networking tools such as the Square social media browser and the Zeptogear. However, as a user, it is not feasible to fully use Google’s services due to the slow speed of performance. Google has recently announced that they would be introducing their own browser called Chrome. This new browser will replace the current Microsoft browser on the desktop and laptops.

Web analytics is very important to organizations today to help them understand customer behavior, product performance and search engine optimization. It enables businesses to make better decisions based on large volumes of data, which can be used for strategic decision making. Web analytics is comprised of several web and applications technologies and all of them work together in order to collect, process and present this data in an efficient manner.