Which of These Would You Implement to Collect and Analyze Your Company’s Big Data?

which of the following would you implement to collect and analyze your companys big data

Which of These Would You Implement to Collect and Analyze Your Company’s Big Data?

Video ads. Have you ever seen any of the Google videos? They’re awesome. There’s no denying it. In a world where videos are the best form of advertising, Google has taken it one step further and built one of the most powerful data gathering centers on the planet. There are many tools that can be used to mine this information, but the data warehouse tools are the best way to make sense of all that information and put it into good use.

Social networks. The social networks are exploding with users from all over the world. If you have an account with any of these, you have access to billions of people and their conversations. All of the data which are collected by these systems can be used to improve your customer service and target marketing efforts, not to mention increasing your profitability.

Online Communications. The online communications are simply amazing. Whether it’s emails, instant messages or IM’s, people communicate every day. This has created a new and entirely lucrative market for companies who want to gather consumer decision process experience data. In addition, many social networks are going to offer their advertisers very targeted demographics which can only be harvested using these online communication tools. These are the most exciting developments in online communications since dial-up.

Search Engine Advertising. Everyone has used the major search engines to do their searches. However, for those who aren’t aware of how to use the search engines effectively, they have turned into an advertising nightmare. This is why companies are turning towards online advertising to broaden their horizons. There are a couple of different methods which can be used for this, but either way, they are all part of the search engine advertising revolution.

Social Networking. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are currently among the top social networks which are providing great opportunities for the companies that want to advertise to their consumers. Basically, all of the data that are collected through these websites can be used to target specific demographics that are the main focus of almost every advertising campaign. These data can also be used for research purposes. It is important to remember however, that even if these data are collected properly, they are not without potential risks.

The Social Media. This has already been proven as one of the most effective methods of advertising. It is important however, that in using social media, these companies make sure that their ads are placed on only the sites that are related to their content or which is truly appropriate for the products and services that they are offering. Most businesses place ads on social media which are not relevant to their business whatsoever, which is why it is important to post the ad in a place that will attract only the target demographic of your choice. Also, in terms of the ad itself, it is important to remember which of the following statements about would you implement to collect and analyze your company’s big data.

Email Marketing. Email marketing allows a company to target a specific set of individuals who have expressed interest in the products and services that your company offers. Although this form of advertising has been around for quite some time, it is now being used by more businesses because of its effectiveness in delivering targeted messages to potential customers. A good email campaign will track the actions taken by users of the campaign so you will know which of the following statements are being implemented:

Video Advertising. Videos are fast becoming the most popular means of presenting information or advertising. A video advertisement can be very effective when placed in websites which are related to your website or services. For instance, if your target market is students, then it would be most fitting to advertise your products or services in videos that educate the users about your product or service. Video advertisements which contain rich media ads and other interactive features are also effective as they allow the user to interact with the video ads.