What Is Big Data? Google’s New Big Data Strategy

What is Big Data? A powerful software tool to analyse, process and decipher the large amount of unstructured and structured data which can’t be processed traditionally or even manually is known as Big Data Technology. This helps in formulating future predictions and decisions about the future therefore reducing the risk of many unforeseen risks. However, with the increasing number of ventures based on such technology, it is important for companies to understand the nature of the data they collect, store and use. As a result, companies are required to implement sophisticated technologies to help them make sense of the huge quantities of information they require.

what is big data technology

There are many emerging technologies, which are designed to make big data technologies more powerful. While most emerging technologies have the same purpose, they differ in their implementation, scalability and cost. One of the major emerging technologies in this domain is Data Quality Management. With this emerging technology, companies need to take care of data sources selection while managing the huge amounts of data which are flowing into the company. It is essential for companies to choose only those data sources, which meet their unique requirements and will also provide the expected returns on their investment. Also, data quality is considered essential when choosing technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Big Data libraries.

Companies are increasingly using machine learning in order to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. They do so in order to apply advanced algorithms with the help of large amounts of data technology. The success of companies in running business depends upon how well and efficiently these machines learn from their experiences. In turn, companies have to ensure that they are able to train their machines efficiently before using them in their daily operations.

Next on the list is the use of big data technologies to automate the process of social media marketing. Companies have to keep in pace with the fast evolving trends of the world wide web and remain on the top of the game. In such a scenario, by using analytical big data technologies, companies can improve their social media marketing campaigns, which would in turn help them drive more traffic, generate more leads and increase their sales. We believe that the next few years will witness a significant acceleration in this area.

We also see query engine robots like Presto, coming up as intelligent systems, which will perform on their own the SEO tasks that are being performed by SEO pros today. So, now Presto will take over some of the SEO work that SEO pros currently do, like article writing, blog posting, forum posting, press release submission and web directory submission, thus giving webmasters some relief and allowing them to focus on other core areas of business. In the long run, Presto will help companies like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to provide the best search results to their searchers, and this could well be the beginning of a new era in the SEO space.

On the question of what is big data for SEO, it has to be seen as a set of technologies, which together are responsible for the rise of SEO activity on the World Wide Web. What is more, this surge in SEO activity is now being seen as being a permanent feature of the web and will not show any sign of dying off in the foreseeable future. SEO activity is now seen as being so critical that if it does not continue to rise, then the entire edifice of online marketing might come crashing down. This is something that all the stakeholders in the field of search engine optimization are dealing with at the moment – and the outcome of this conundrum will ultimately determine the fate of the industry.

There are a number of technologies now in play that have the combined effect of what is already an effective SEO strategy and what is fast emerging as one of the core SEO technologies. The two primary focus areas of these technologies are the development of deep web tools for social media management and the delivery of rich content via the rich media platform. In the context of the former, such tools as the Twitter API and the Twitdeck API are being developed to enable better managing and sharing of information between users of social media platforms.

As far as the development of rich content is concerned, the most popular approach to do this is through the use of the news blogging platform WordPress. This platform has gained considerable popularity in the web community as a result of its ability to offer a plethora of plugins and themes that allows users to easily create and update content in just a few minutes. With this in hand, it is now possible for blogs to incorporate rich domain content or meta information into the content of the blog itself. This process is called the “OAuth 2.0″ approach and can let us use the WordPress plugin called ” WP-Outh2″ to simplify this process to a great extent. Let us now discuss leading SEO techniques that can help you get more out of your search engine optimization.