What Are Big Data Concept and Its Impact On SEO?

what is big data concept

What Are Big Data Concept and Its Impact On SEO?

The Information Age has brought us many wonderful technologies, but one of the most helpful has been the “big data” concept which refers to the unstructured and formatted information provided by various sources across the internet. As technology progresses, it is expected that the quantity of data increases in both size and quantity. Therefore, with such increase, what comes out of it is known as “big data”.

What is big data? It is a combination of unstructured and structured data sets. It is a very important tool for decision making because it provides insights that a traditional database cannot give. It can provide answers to questions that a traditional database just cannot. In fact, this concept has made many of today’s problems simple because it gave an answer to the age-old problem of the verification of the data sets.

There are many reasons why this concept is now a buzzword in today’s business environment. One of the main reasons is the growing volumes of data that are being produced on a daily basis. Today’s businesses are producing more volume of data and are having a tough time managing it. Traditional database management methods are failing them and their systems are getting overloaded. With increasing volumes of data, the need for effective big data processing techniques is also increasing.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of the big data concept is the increase in accuracy that it offers. Unlike the traditional database management systems, the big data analytics can provide relevant insights based on the structured and unstructured data. It works on the principle that the unstructured data are generic and thus they do not contain details that are specific to any specific activity or program. This makes the processing of big data easier than with the traditional databases. Traditional database management systems can only deal with the data that have been categorized into specific sets, but this does not apply with the big data concept.

The unstructured data could contain any information whatsoever. Therefore, it could be anything from user profiles, financial data, sales figures and even photographs. While some of these sources of unstructured data may be helpful, some of them are useless because they are old and irrelevant. In other words, the big data analytics gives you more useful sources of information that are both accurate and relevant. Traditional databases could provide only the structured data, whereas big data analytics provides you with both the accuracy and relevance.

Another reason why the big data concept has become so popular is because of the velocity with which the analytics process runs. When you use the structured data method for data analysis, the entire process takes time and it can also be very tedious. However, once you go for unstructured data processing method, you will immediately see the results because it is much faster. What is more, the results are more accurate and relevant.

When the big data concept was introduced, many companies in the financial sector started using it. The main purpose behind introducing the concept was to have fast data analysis. With unstructured processing, companies can access the structured data at the speed of light without any delays whatsoever. So, the speed of the big data concepts is far superior to the structured methods of analysis.

Since unstructured data collection is faster than structured methods, many companies today use different strategies for the different types of data collection. One such strategy is to use social media for the data collection. With the help of social media, the company will get a quick overview of what the customers have to say about the products. Thus, the need for fast and accurate analytics was also addressed by the introduction of the big data concepts.