Which of the Following Statements About Big Data is True?

which of the following statements about big data is correct

Which of the Following Statements About Big Data is True?

I. Big data is currently changing our lives. There have been many claims made in the press and in blog posts by those in the business community in the last year or so about how much life will be changed through the use of big data. The promise is that by taking advantage of predictive, personalized capabilities of big data, human intervention will no longer be required to manage and monitor human resources, work, safety, and business. The statement, “That which of the following statements about big data is true?”

A. Yes. Big data will change everything. No longer will there be the human factor required for decision making. No longer will an individual need to study and analyze data sets in order to make sense of it. No longer will data set creators need to consult with managers, executives, or other employees before using the information at hand to make important decisions for the company.

B. Yes. Predictive, personalized, and interconnected technologies will have a tremendous impact on the organization. The promise of big data lies in its ability to create new efficiencies and turn what was once thought to be an expensive luxury, such as travel, to something almost everyone uses: transportation, entertainment, information.

C. Yes. Personalization will almost certainly become an industry of its own. By taking full advantage of big data, computer science researchers say they can expect to see dramatic changes in the way people experience and live their lives. By taking the information that already exists and applying it to physical aspects of everyday life, individuals will be able to control elements of their lives including their health, safety, and finances.

D. Yes. Predictive and personalized technology will likely play an important role in society. People will be able to interact with computers and other networks much more easily than they can now. As well, big data will probably help improve human longevity and health.

E. Yes. Big data is on its way to changing everything we know about the world. As humans, we’ve been conditioned to think that life and death are constants, rather than changing factors. But by combining science and technology with data analysis, the promise of big data makes incredible sense. Once collected and analyzed, it will have an immeasurable impact on how we live our lives.

F. Yes. We’re already witnessing the impact big data has on business. Companies that don’t use big-data tools to acquire information are lagging behind their competitors. When combined with predictive analytics, big data is poised to eliminate unnecessary middlemen, make purchasing decision less complicated, and improve customer service.

G. Which of the following statements about big data is false? Big data is here to stay. As science becomes more sophisticated and data becomes more accessible, we will all benefit from its use. It’s already changing the way we do business. We may not see the full impact of it, but it’s already changing our lives for the better.