Peace, Love, Link Up #021

Welcome back to Peace, Love, Link Up! Word must be getting around about our little linky, because last week we set a new record number of links with 74! You guys make this happen, so with that in mind, here’s a heartfelt thanks!

Despite almost breaking the record number days in a heat wave earlier this month, I can feel a definite chill to the air some nights. It may be too early to get excited about, but not too early to think about. FALL! Overpriced pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, and mulled cider are just a few of things that I love about this season coming up. But before I get caught up in all that mania, there’s one more cookout to be had! I guess the lazy days of summer are winding down!

As always, please grab a button and tell all of your friends!

Happy posting!

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DIY Blackberry Lavender Sugar Scrub + Free Printable

Intro: Sugar scrubs are all the rage right now. Besides being a fad for the super rich to spend their money on, they actually have benefits to your skin and over all health. Making them yourself drastically cuts the cost and by putting the ingredients in yourself, you can be assured that there are no chemicals in there. It’s super easy to make, super easy to use, and will last for a couple months. I hope you all enjoy it!

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Snack Ideas: Trail Mix

Picking the right snack can be a task. Picking a healthy snack is another. Picking a healthy vegan snack is a whole other ballgame entirely!A common trap is snack to just eat to fill your stomach. We go the extra step and make snacking productive and beneficial. So what’s the answer to all of those requirements? Trail Mix! These are a couple of our favorite variations. They contain all of the protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats that the body craves.

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A to Z List of Must-Dos This Spring/Summer

We didn’t have a traditional winter in Massachusetts this year, at least in terms of snowfall. But what we lacked in the fluffy stuff we more than made up for with cold depressing grey days. But that’s finally done with! Spring, and my allergies, have arrived! Finally we can all brush the dust off our lives and get outside and active again. But what do we do with this newfound freedom? Fear no more and look no further, because I have made an A-Z list of some of my favorite activities to fully enjoy the rest of Spring and all 100 days of summer!

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Peace, Love, Linkup #002

Happy Friday and welcome to my second link party!! My first step into the linky world was met with more success than I had hoped for! A big and sincere thank you to all the bloggers who stopped by to share their projects!

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Peace, Love, Link Up #001

Being on the blogging scene for about a month and a half, I’ve found a lot of really great blogs and posts through linking up at link parties. I figured I’d make my own link party in hopes to find some more great blogs and inspiration.

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Simple Spring Decor

Spring is finally here! It’s time to kick the winter blues, and there is no better way than decorating for the season!

But where do you start? When I was little and it was time to decorate for the seasons, we went into the storage closet and took out the cardboard box that had ” Spring” written on it in black magic marker. The only problem with that now is that we are trying to adult but we don’t have a box of decorations yet!

The craft store seemed like a logical place to start. Luckily, we arrived just as the store was stocking for summer decor, so all the remaining spring items were marked at an insane deal of 60% off. That, plus a trip to the local dollar store, found us with everything we needed to make these simple but eye-catching decorations.

Springtime Must Haves

Just one more week until it’s officially Spring! Although we haven’t had the craziest of winters (nothing will ever surmount to last year’s winter in Boston), I still feel like I fell into the winter slump. Here are a few products that will snap you out of those winter blues and into the springtime grooves.

FullSizeRender 11

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