Simple Summer Decor

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. Finally we can really look forward to beach days, cool nights with a campfire, and of course budget friendly decor pieces! Ok maybe that one isn’t at the top of your summer bucket list, but these items are easy to make and they go well as a centerpiece, spruce up your mantle piece, or you can even bring them to your patio and accent your decor there.IMG_8755

Once again we got lucky in being able to purchase all of these items on sale at our local Michael’s craft store. Usually if you wait until close to the start of a season Michael’s will put everything on clearance to make room for the next season’s inventory. Just be on the lookout! Decorating for the season doesn’t have to break the bank! I chose sunflowers because when I think of summer, this big ole happy flower is the first thing that comes to mind. I wanted to have an “earthy” feel to the bucket so I used fake Spanish Moss. I chose small white accent flowers to have a bit of contrast between the moss and the sunflower itself. The buckets came with a distressed-patina color to them so when you combine that with the different flowers and moss, you have the perfect summer decor!


Things Needed:
Tin Buckets
Foam Discs
Small Accent Flowers

If you have cats you know that they love to get into everything you DON’T want them to get into. Our cats love to take the fake flowers out of all of our decor crafts and toss them around our apartment all night! I didn’t want them to be able to do this for this craft, so we bought a few foam disks to stick in the bottom of the buckets. They didn’t quite fit how I wanted them to so I trimmed them down a bit.

IMG_8749I stuck the sunflowers straight into the middle of the bucket, right into the foam. This will keep the flowers in place, even when the cats decide they want to play!


Add in the accent flowers. The white accent flowers were perfect to fill in the empty space and make the bright and happy sunflowers pop more.


Once the foam is snug in the bucket, I filled it mostly to the top with moss. This will hide the ugly ugly foam and make you think of dirt without actually being dirt. I chose Spanish moss because the color most resembled the middle of the sunflowers.

Image 8

I had this project done inside of an hour and it easily has become one of my favorites! I hope that rustic-chic never goes out of style, and I also hope this post will inspire you all to get the jump on your own summertime decor. What other flowers are your summertime favorites? Let me know in the comments section!


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  1. I just love these, Ashleigh, and posted a link to Facebook. Isn’t Michael’s wonderful? I have a few coupons I plan to use for some art framing.

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