Simple Spring Decor

Spring is finally here! It’s time to kick the winter blues, and there is no better way than decorating for the season!

But where do you start? When I was little and it was time to decorate for the seasons, we went into the storage closet and took out the cardboard box that had ” Spring” written on it in black magic marker. The only problem with that now is that we are trying to adult but we don’t have a box of decorations yet!

The craft store seemed like a logical place to start. Luckily, we arrived just as the store was stocking for summer decor, so all the remaining spring items were marked at an insane deal of 60% off. That, plus a trip to the local dollar store, found us with everything we needed to make these simple but eye-catching decorations.

Glass Jar Centerpieces

Thing you’ll need:
Glass Jars
Glass Fillers (1 package of green and 1 clear per jar)
Spring Flowers
Scissors or wire cutters (I recommend wire cutters; those flower stems are killer)

We found 3 glass jars about the size of betta fishbowls and decided to use them as shallow vases. A rule of thumb that we always follow is to use an odd number of items when creating multiples of a decoration. Odd numbers are more catching to the eye and make for better pictures. 

After a little back and forth in the flower isle, we came across the Gerber Daisy section. How can you look at a gerber and not think spring? However, any pastel-colored flower will look great in this arrangement.

It’s kind of silly to put real water in with artificial flowers, so these green glass filler ‘globs’ are perfect for keeping an illusion of realism. Once your vases are filled with the glass filler, cut and arrange the flowers in the jar to your choice. These jars are perfect for a dining table centerpiece, kitchen island centerpiece, or really anywhere that you have the space.


Painted Mason Jars

Thing you’ll need:
Mason Jars
White Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Paint in 3 pastel colors

Painters Tape
White or pastel flowers

For the next piece of décor, we chose to paint mason jars. Mason jars are versatile in use while still giving off that minimalist hipster look, that we’re all really trying to go for. This project was a bit more expensive than the flowers, but almost all of the supplies we got at 60% off, so it could have been a worse hit. Supplies did, however, remain under the $20 mark, and we have a nice stockpile growing for crafts/DIY projects. For the jars, we decided to go with Kerr brand because there is less writing giving the jars a more clean look. This was entirely personal preference as any jar will work. We primed the jars with an acrylic white base coat. Three coats did the trick, leaving 24 hours dry time in between each coat.


The patterns were a little more involved. Keeping with the odd-numbered theme, we went with two horizontal striped patterns on the sides and a chevron pattern for the center. For the striped pattern, place painter’s tape on the areas you want to keep white. We went for keeping the stripes an inch apart, another personal preference. The best part about these DIY’s is the amount of personalization. Keeping the tape level was trickier than anticipated but with minor adjusting, it came together. The chevron pattern was more involved. We cut the tape in 2 inch strips and connected two together to form a V-shape. Connect two of the V-shaped tape strips together to make the chevron shape. Repeat this so you have two strips. Attach them to the jar with the spacing you want and you’re ready to paint!

We chose satin finish acrylic paint in light spring colors, putting the bolder color on the chevron jar. We painted two coats of the color, only waiting about a half-hour between each coat. We trimmed the flowers to fit the jars, saving the leaves for possible fall DIY crafts, and were left with some pretty decorative jars.

Happy Spring!

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    1. Thank you! The chevron patterns were a little more difficult to do, but I’m so pleased with the outcome:)

  1. Thank you for joining in and sharing your adorable Spring Décor with us and linking up to Friday Favorites. I’ll be featuring your post on my blog this week. We hope you’ll swing by and link up again this Friday! Have a wonderful Easter!

    1. Thank you so much! They definitely brightened up our home! Thank you for the invite! I’ll definitely link up at your party:)

  2. Your painted mason jars are so pretty, perfect for spring! Thanks for sharing at What’d You Do This Weekend?!

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