How to Travel Down the East Coast in 4.5 Days

As millenials, we often have to make the choice between paying bills and having fun. Let’s be real, it isn’t as easy to travel the world as Instagram makes it seem. We have very limited time as well as resources, so we often have to make the best with what we got.

Here’s the way we were able to travel from Boston to Myrtle Beach and back home in four and a half days. Yes, we’re crazy!

On a cool April afternoon, we hit the road. The first stop on this epic road trip was Washington, DC. Endless traffic turned our eight hour drive into a little over nine, reaching our first stop at around 2am. We checked in, crashed, and were up by 8 to start our first day of exploring new territory. Most of the sights were free admission, making DC a perfect destination for a penny pinching minimalist.


DC day was our busiest day throughout the entire trip. In nine hours and about ten miles of walking, we saw the National Zoo in its entirety, the front of the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. We also made time to check out the Archives. We almost made it out of there with the Declaration of Independence to get the code on the back, but Nicholas Cage beat us to it.

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I don’t know why we thought we could just drive out of downtown Washington DC on a weekday during rush hour, but it soon became apparent that our traffic curse had not only found us again, it was back with a vengeance. We left DC around 6pm, and we arrived at our hotel in Georgia at 4am.

DC Costs
Hotel: Comfort Inn, Oxon Hill, Maryland $132
Parking: $22
Souvenirs: $39

Limited by the rain, the Coca Cola Museum was the best option to take. It is a museum like no other; what museum lets you try unlimited amounts of sodas from all over the world? After leaving the museum, we strolled through the underground mall, got a bite to eat, and talked about our next destination. Following our late lunch, we were off with Myrtle Beach in sight.

Image 3

Atlanta Costs
Hotel: Comfort Inn, Smyrna, Georgia $113

Parking: $10
Coca Cola Museum: $35
Souvenirs: $60

Arriving in Myrtle Beach around midnight, we settled in and fell right asleep. The following morning, we were up and out. Unfortunately, rain was on the forecast for the day. Determined to make the most of the trip, we headed down to the beach with our rain gear. After lunch, the sun beamed through the clouds and temperatures rose to about 80 degrees (a lot warmer than MA, which still had about 5 feet of snow piled up)


Later that afternoon, we explored Broadway at the Beach, including a stop at the Ripley’s Aquarium. We decided to book two nights in Myrtle Beach as the drive home would be the longest leg of our journey.

Image 4

Myrtle Beach Costs
Hotel: Comfort Suites, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina $292

Parking: $8
Ripleys Aquarium/4D Ride: $65
Souvenirs: $70

The drive home was nothing short of entertaining. We were tired, delusional, and delirious. From belting the Backstreet Boys to singing Taylor Swift in demonic voices. Fourteen hours later, and we made it home! 

Other Costs
Food: $256 (includes coffee/snacks)

Gas: $132

That brings our total trip cost to a little under $1300. The best parts about this vacation were seeing our nation’s capital, drinking copious amounts of Coca Cola, and wading in warm waters rather than trudging through snow back home. Through this crazy adventure, we learned that unlimited time and resources are not necessary to have an enjoyable vacation.


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