10 Hole-in-the-Wall Places to Eat at on the South Shore

New Englanders are all about seafood and thanksgiving sandwiches, and mom/pop eateries. Of course we have our chain restaurants, with their delicious menus that are the same everywhere you go to in all 50 states. However, if you are ever in the South Shore of Massachusetts and are looking for great local eateries, we have compiled a list of our favorites for your consideration.

10 Hole-in-the-Wall Places to Eat on the South Shore

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Weekend Getaways: Mystic, CT

The hubs and I were in need of a destination for our first wedding anniversary. I had just started at my first job post-grad, so we needed to find a location that was not only close, but doable on a budget. There happens to be a historical seaport town in eastern¬†Connecticut that goes by the name of Mystic. This town is located between the two major casino’s in the state, so we figured it was a good place to stay for the weekend and we could plan out day activities, and go to the casinos in the night time. The only problem that we encountered is that the daytime activities turned out to be more fun than the reason we went to Connecticut in the first place! We completely lucked out in staying where we did. There was a million things to do in the surrounding areas!

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Weekend Getaways: Montreal



Montreal: the North American version of Paris. The best part is that Montreal is about 6 hours from where we live in Southeast Massachusetts. That makes it perfect to sneak off to on the weekend! Not to mention that because we don’t have to fly, it cuts the cost almost in half. We didn’t have more than a vague idea of what we wanted to do when we arrived. Having this non-agenda made it so we discovered a couple of hidden gems that make us long to go back someday soon! These are a few of them:

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How to Travel Down the East Coast in 4.5 Days

As millenials, we often have to make the choice between paying bills and having fun. Let’s be real, it isn’t as easy to travel the world as Instagram makes it seem. We have very limited time as well as resources, so we often have to make the best with what we got.

Here’s the way we were able to travel from Boston to Myrtle Beach and back home in four and a half days. Yes, we’re crazy!
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