Fourth of July Festivities + Recipe

Happy belated Fourth of July to everyone! Fireworks, friends, family, good food, and good drinks are what come to mind when I think of this summer holiday. The temperature stayed a comfortable dry 85 all throughout the weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! 4th of July Continue reading

Being Vegan: Week 3 Update

Three weeks ago, Chris and I made the decision to once again adopt a vegan lifestyle. You can read the long version of this epic journey here. The short version is that we just didn’t feel as good eating a balanced diet as we did when we were strictly getting all of our dietary needs met solely from plants. Here we are twenty-one days into it, and we felt like it was good to share some triumphs and tragedies from this transition (not to mention we hare in the middle of 4 DIY projects).

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Vegan to Paleo to Vegan Again

As you can probably guess from the title, my husband and I have had quite the dietary journey. The title should read, “Vegan to Paleo to Vegan to Balanced Diet to Vegan Again”, but that might be a little too long! I think what we were trying to do overall is find balance. Balance is key to everything in life; from work, to social lives, and most definitely with food. I’m going to put a little disclaimer in here right from the get go that we are not trendy hipsters, band-wagoners, or hate on people that choose to live the way that they do. We are just trying to find what works best for our lifestyle. Continue reading

A to Z List of Must-Dos This Spring/Summer

We didn’t have a traditional winter in Massachusetts this year, at least in terms of snowfall. But what we lacked in the fluffy stuff we more than made up for with cold depressing grey days. But that’s finally done with! Spring, and my allergies, have arrived!¬†Finally we can all brush the dust off our lives and get outside and active again. But what do we do with this newfound freedom? Fear no more and look no further, because I have made an A-Z list of some of my favorite activities to fully enjoy the rest of Spring and all 100 days of summer!

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How Much is My Face Worth? TAG

I saw this tag recently, and it got me thinking. How much money am I putting onto my face every day? This post consists of a dollar total of all makeup products worn on a daily basis. I’m super strict with budgeting, so I’m actually kind of scared to break this down.

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Springtime Must Haves

Just one more week until it’s officially Spring! Although we haven’t had the craziest of winters (nothing will ever surmount to last year’s winter in Boston), I still feel like I fell into the winter slump. Here are a few products that will snap you out of those winter blues and into the springtime grooves.

FullSizeRender 11

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What’s in My Bag?


What’s a blog without a What’s in my Bag? post? I’m pretty new to the purse carrying world. I only started carrying a bag about a year ago, but I’m constantly finding new things to shove in it convinced that they are all necessities. Here’s whats in my bag!

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