Bar Stool Chair Makeover

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Something about moving through your twenties, tastes and styles are ever-changing. Since were still living budget based (and saving for our upcoming move), we have been mostly confined to sprucing up what we already have in the house.

Unfortunately, when we signed the lease on our apartment almost two years ago (I can’t even believe it has been that long!), we had no idea of the effects of having natural light. Especially in the kitchen. Our apartment is shotgun style leaving the kitchen windowless and the only dose of natural light about twenty feet away. We are also equipped with black granite countertops. I love love love granite, but the color really darkens the kitchen.

Going with a chocolate brown theme for all of our furniture, we purchased a set of black/beige bar stools to sit at our breakfast bar. On our furniture refresh kick, we thought that giving the stools a fresh coat of white paint will help to lighten up our kitchen. I wanted to give the stools a more contrasting look, so I was on the hunt for a darker material to reupholster the seat cushion with.

Bar Stool Makeover

I came across the Leather Hide store, and quickly envisioned what I was looking for to help brighten up the kitchen. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Leather Hide store and always wanted to work on a leather project.

We chose the color Columbian Mix Alot, and it is just as beautiful in person as it is on screen. It is a rich chocolate brown color.

To make:
These bar stools originally came from Walmart. This is good because that means we had to assemble them when we first got them. Chris saved the instructions and the Allen-tool that came with them. 

Bar Stool Makeover

We started by taking the seat frame off. That was easy, with only four Allen screws holding it in. The cushion itself is held on by four Phillips screws. Im thinking this is probably because the manufacturer didn’t think anyone would take the seat off of the frame. We used a drill to take the seat off, but a standard Phillips-head screwdriver would do in a pinch. The backs of the stools came off next. They were held in with only two screws at the bottom. Next to come off were the foot bars.

Bar Stool Makeover

These were a bit trickier because they also served double duty by holding the legs in a stable position. With those off, all that remained were the four “feet” that attach to the bottom of the legs. It’s important to note that the screws are different sizes for each section. Also, some have washers and some do not. We kept each set of screws separate so we wouldn’t get them mixed up. 

Bar Stool Makeover

Bar Stool Makeover

Bar Stool Makeover

Painting was pretty straightforward. We laid out all of the components of the stools on an old sheet on our balcony. We sprayed them one side at a time, leaving two hour intervals between the two coats for the paint to dry. We used this brand of paint because we have worked with it on projects and like how it goes on easy and doesn’t require many coats. Once the second coat was applied, we flipped the pieces over and sprayed two coats on the back. 

Bar Stool Makeover
Bar Stool Makeover

Upholster stool cushion. There was a black fabric covering the bottom of the seat cushion that we removed. We then laid the cushions on the rolled out leather to measure 4 inches beyond the edge. Once the length was cut, we began the process of stretching the leather over the cushion and stapling it in place with our staple gun. It got tricky when the leather started to fold on the top, but between the two of us we managed to stretch it mostly smooth. We then laid the black fabric and stapled it back in place.

Bar Stool Makeover

The second cushion was a little easier so once that was all set, Chris screwed them back on the base with the drill. This was our first attempt at upholstering anything, and I’m glad that this leather was so easy to work with!

        Bar Stool Makeover  

Reassemble. Since we kept the screws and washers separate m, the only tricky part to the reassembly was attaching the foot bar to the legs. We were extra careful when lining up the pieces as to not ruin the new paint job. We opted to assemble it from the bottom up. Feet, foot bar, seat frame, the new cushion, and finally the back rest. 

DIY Bar Stool Makeover
DIY Bar Stool Makeover

The crisp white paint contrasts very nicely with the smooth dark leather. Before the black finish on the stools made them just blend in to the darkness of the kitchen. Now, when there is little natural light, they really pop!

 DIY Bar Stool Makeover   DIY Bar Stool Makeover

All in all I’m very happy with this project. It was time consuming to be sure, but also relatively easy. We came into this with almost no knowledge of how to reupholster. Now, I’m staring at our ugly chair in the corner and dreaming up what we can create! Once you have the basics, the sky is the limit!

DIY Bar Stool Pinterest

How did every one like it? Let me know of any questions or comments in the section below! 🙂

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