Peace, Love, Link Up #013

Welcome back to the little linky that could! Im glad to see all of you again for another week of sharing. With all of the crazy in the world nowadays it’s so important to keep following our dreams and passions. And here is the perfect place to show them off! Have a super fun week and don’t forget to grab a button!

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Vintage Sewing Machine Table Makeover

There is so much to enjoy about this time of year. Any aspiring or veteran DIYer should be out and about on the weekends, hunting for the next antique chest of drawers, ottoman, or bookcase to rehab. There’s a whole world of people’s junk waiting to be made into treasure!

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Easy Eats: Summer Ambrosia

Today is the first full day of summer! Finally it’s time to fully shake off that winter hibernation and get outside and do stuff! Now is the time to enjoy lazy days at the beach with the family, nighttime fires making s’mores with your buddies, and of course cookouts with everyone! 

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Peace, Love, Link Up #012

Welcome back everybody! We’ve had an absolutely gorgeous week here in New England, and I just can’t get enough of it! Father’s Day is literally just around the corner, so I imagine everyone is getting their crafts and gifts together to honor the special men in their lives. With the Fourth of July coming in just a few weeks, I’m looking forward to seeing all of the patriotic themed crafts. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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6 Infused Waters to Try this Summer

What a crazy week! I was on a work sponsored trip to Universal Orlando over the weekend, so I didn’t have any time to make a DIY, craft, or recipe for Tuesday’s post.


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Peace, Love, Link Up #011

If you all didn’t figure it out by now, it’s Friday! Arguably the best day of the week due to the upcoming weekend! The weather here for this weekend is going to be served up in the traditional New England style, rain, sunshine, and windy; and that’s all in a 6 hour timeframe! But have no fear! With Father’s Day literally just around the corner, the downtime indoors will be spent thinking of DIY crafts, meals for the coming week, and of course decor ideas for the Fourth of July. That’s where you all come in! Welcome back to our loyal bloggers, and a big ole welcome and a hug to new people joining! Let’s get sharing and inspiring!

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Meal Hacks: “Chipotle” Burrito Bowl

If you ask anyone that isn’t a millenial, “What is Chipotle?”, they will probably just say that it is a restaurant that young people go to. However, when a twenty-something is asked what Chipotle is, expect their eyes to glaze over with a slight chance of them to start babbling in tongues! To put it simply: Chipotle is life. 

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Simple Summer Decor

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. Finally we can really look forward to beach days, cool nights with a campfire, and of course budget friendly decor pieces! Ok maybe that one isn’t at the top of your summer bucket list, but these items are easy to make and they go well as a centerpiece, spruce up your mantle piece, or you can even bring them to your patio and accent your decor there. Continue reading

Peace, Love, Linkup #010

I can’t believe that it’s already June!! The only thing better than a holiday weekend is the short workweek that follows! Chris and I spent quality time with family and of course ate lots of BBQ. Since this is the unofficial start of summer, our gears are already turning towards beach days, summer recipes, and of course Fourth of July decor and crafts. It is only four short weeks away! 

As always, thanks you to our new and returning bloggers. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts. You guys remind me of why I got in this crazy train that is blogging, and I’m genuinely grateful to everyone that stops by my little corner of the Internet every week. You are the best! 

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Easy Eats: Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

One of the most challenging things to being vegan is trying to enjoy your new lifestyle while your friends are chowing down on all the goodies you grew up on. Pizza, buffalo chicken dip, and ice cream are just a few examples of foods that I have given up that will always hold a place in my heart. Fortunately, there exist a few passable and even enjoyable substitutes that can be used to help fill the hole in your heart when the craving for one of those childhood staples rears its head.

When we started our vegan lifestyle, we forgot one small thing. Ok, one really big small thing. We were so caught up in all the new recipes to make and create that we didn’t ever have the time to take stock on what we will be missing out on. Things like ice cream cake, which has always been the go-to for my birthday would have to become a thing of the past.

Or will it?

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