DIY Blackberry Lavender Sugar Scrub + Free Printable

Intro: Sugar scrubs are all the rage right now. Besides being a fad for the super rich to spend their money on, they actually have benefits to your skin and over all health. Making them yourself drastically cuts the cost and by putting the ingredients in yourself, you can be assured that there are no chemicals in there. It’s super easy to make, super easy to use, and will last for a couple months. I hope you all enjoy it!

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Peace, Love, Linkup #009

A big and heartfelt congratulations  need to go out to everyone for not only surviving the workweek, but making it to Summer’s first long weekend! I hope that this Memorial Day brings you all quality time with friends and family and a chance to make festive decor and tasty foods. Last week’s linkup brought a whole bunch of great recipes, inspired upcycles, and handy DIY tips. Cheers to all of you out there and welcome to the new people joining! Let’s all have a fantastic week!

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DIY: Patriotic Etched Mason Jars

This Monday marks the beginning of one of the best American pastimes: Summer holiday BBQ season! What do you need to go with good food and the company of friends and family? Homemade decor of course!

Mason jars seem to be like leather; they never go out of style! But how do you keep your ideas with what to do with them fresh and unique? My grandmother works at a stained glass company, and they sell a product called Armor Etch. It’s super easy to use, and it makes a frosted texture on the glass that you put it on. With all of the patriotic holidays coming up, I decided to use this product to make stars on mason jars. Follow along to create these centerpieces!
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Peace, Love, Linkup #008

It’s Friday once again! Nothing says Happy Friday like a whole bunch of issues at work and a beautiful sunny day!!! Not only am I thankful everyone made it through the week in one piece (myself included), but I’m also thankful that so many new and returning faces are choosing to join this link up! You all have such amazing contributions every week and it’s getting difficult to choose a favorite, let alone five of them! Memorial Day is just around the corner, so I can’t wait to see all of the outdoor and BBQ themed posts. Of course everything is welcome here so share whatever is on your mind! Have a great week guys and thanks again!

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Apartment Hunting

Moving out on your own is a big deal. A lot of our friends are leaving the nest and striking out on their own. At this time, Chris and I are in the process of moving to the other side of Boston to the city of Salem. We’re going to share with everyone what our thought process is when we are looking for a new place to call home. If you know anything about moving, even moving across town isn’t something that can be just done on a whim. There are several key points to hit, dozens of phone calls to make, and maybe a small army of friends looking for free pizza that will help you move. Here are the things that we take into consideration before, during, and after the moving process. Continue reading

Being Vegan: Week 3 Update

Three weeks ago, Chris and I made the decision to once again adopt a vegan lifestyle. You can read the long version of this epic journey here. The short version is that we just didn’t feel as good eating a balanced diet as we did when we were strictly getting all of our dietary needs met solely from plants. Here we are twenty-one days into it, and we felt like it was good to share some triumphs and tragedies from this transition (not to mention we hare in the middle of 4 DIY projects).

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Peace, Love, Linkup #007

It’s Friday once again! We’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather in the northeast this past week, so of course now that it’s the weekend, it’s going to be raining! Oh well, you win some you lose some. This link party is gaining momentum every week; last week had a whopping 59! You guys are awesome, and I love seeing all the fabulous content from new and returning bloggers. So a big thank you and let’s get to sharing!

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Snack Ideas: Trail Mix

Picking the right snack can be a task. Picking a healthy snack is another. Picking a healthy vegan snack is a whole other ballgame entirely!A common trap is snack to just eat to fill your stomach. We go the extra step and make snacking productive and beneficial. So what’s the answer to all of those requirements? Trail Mix! These are a couple of our favorite variations. They contain all of the protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats that the body craves.

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10 Hole-in-the-Wall Places to Eat at on the South Shore

New Englanders are all about seafood and thanksgiving sandwiches, and mom/pop eateries. Of course we have our chain restaurants, with their delicious menus that are the same everywhere you go to in all 50 states. However, if you are ever in the South Shore of Massachusetts and are looking for great local eateries, we have compiled a list of our favorites for your consideration.

10 Hole-in-the-Wall Places to Eat on the South Shore

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Peace, Love, Linkup #006

It’s Mother’s Day weekend! We had a few great posts highlighting Diy gift ideas, so if you have been living under a rock and are looking for something last minute to whip up for that special lady that brought you into the world, be sure to go back and check it out! I am very touched so see many returning faces to these little link parties. It’s so exciting to see that not only are you coming back every week, but you all have interesting and original posts, too! So thank you times a million, and to everyone else here for the first time, welcome! I look forward to seeing all of your great content and growing this link party!!!

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