Adulting Milestones Worth Celebrating

Learning to adult can be taunting. Like anything worthwhile, it takes practice and a healthy margin for error. When you do manage to tough it out and reach certain milestones, by all means celebrate them! Even if it is as simple as patting yourself on the back, you’ve earned it! Here are some examples of adulting milestones to celebrate:

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Easy Eats: Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Living an on-the-run kind of lifestyle can make eating in super difficult. We have the issue of getting home from work late, and before we know it, its 8PM! Here is one of our favorite quick and easy cheat meals!

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DIY Pallet Sign

My husband brought home some wood this past summer from a coworker’s old fence, and its been sitting in our room collecting dust. I saw the pallet signs back on Pinterest a while ago and thought what a fun and cheap craft. I love the level of customization that comes with DIY projects like these. You can literally do anything to the wood, and you’re left with a beautiful piece to accent your home. Getting into the Spring season, I rediscovered the planks of wood and decided to take on the project. 

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How Much is My Face Worth? TAG

I saw this tag recently, and it got me thinking. How much money am I putting onto my face every day? This post consists of a dollar total of all makeup products worn on a daily basis. I’m super strict with budgeting, so I’m actually kind of scared to break this down.

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Simple Spring Decor

Spring is finally here! It’s time to kick the winter blues, and there is no better way than decorating for the season!

But where do you start? When I was little and it was time to decorate for the seasons, we went into the storage closet and took out the cardboard box that had ” Spring” written on it in black magic marker. The only problem with that now is that we are trying to adult but we don’t have a box of decorations yet!

The craft store seemed like a logical place to start. Luckily, we arrived just as the store was stocking for summer decor, so all the remaining spring items were marked at an insane deal of 60% off. That, plus a trip to the local dollar store, found us with everything we needed to make these simple but eye-catching decorations.

Springtime Must Haves

Just one more week until it’s officially Spring! Although we haven’t had the craziest of winters (nothing will ever surmount to last year’s winter in Boston), I still feel like I fell into the winter slump. Here are a few products that will snap you out of those winter blues and into the springtime grooves.

FullSizeRender 11

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7 Things They Don’t Teach You in School

Test tomorrow on the first fifty elements on the Periodic Table! When am I ever going to need this anyways? That dreaded question that plagues teachers ears on a daily basis. The students do have a point, and I can absolutely attest that that question ran through my mind constantly back in my school years. Growing up as millennials, we’re being shoved into the real world with no common knowledge of how anything works other than how to calculate the angles of a triangle or who won The Hundred Years War (which surprisingly wasn’t 100 years). Here are a few of the things that I would have found helpful when taking the plunge into the big, scary, real world.
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What’s in My Bag?


What’s a blog without a What’s in my Bag? post? I’m pretty new to the purse carrying world. I only started carrying a bag about a year ago, but I’m constantly finding new things to shove in it convinced that they are all necessities. Here’s whats in my bag!

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Accent Your Home with Quick and Easy Patchwork Pillows

Hi there! As Punxsutawney Phil predicted, an early spring was in our future. With the warmer weather approaching, I decided that it was time to start lightening up our place (and take down the last of the Christmas decorations still up). What better way to spruce up your home than making some springtime accent throw pillows?

How to Have the Perfect Date Night on a Budget

Nowadays we’re always in a rush, on a budget, and disconnected from what is going on in the world. We often lose sight of the things that matter, and focus more on who wore what, why they posted that, and when the next follow spree is. Here are a few cheap date ideas where you can take the focus off of Instagram, and put it into your loved one.

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